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    I am 16 years old and i noticed a lump on my right was big,...about the size of my left i went and got an ultrasound they said it was just a cyst....i want to know if ultrasounds are 100% correct or can a doctor or urologist misread them..?...i live in a small town and it is not a very big hospital so i was just making sure...reply asap pls...

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    I am 16 years old and i noticed a lump on my right testicle about 2 years ago for the first time....i didnt think anything about it until the end of my 9th grade year which was about 5 months ago...i went and got an ultrasounds and they said it was a cyst...but now it is starting to bother me...its almost like a burnign feeling in my scrotum...i dont know if its in my head. or what....but i got an ultrasounds about 3 months ago and the "cyst" has gotten bigger since then...and also the hospital i went to is not a very big hospital..i live in a town with only about 10000 people and its a regional hospital and i didnt know if doctors or urologists could misread a ultrasounds or not...pls write back asap...thank you


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      Hey, Stephen, welcome to the forums. I moved your posts to the right forum and combined them. You only need to ask in one place.

      It's extremely unlikely that your ultrasound results were misinterpreted. Did you doctor suggest any treatment for your cyst?
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