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  • Karen
    Welcome clos,
    TC is quite rare, and if the bump hasn't changed in 3 yeras chances are it's something other than tc. You are doing the right thing by making an appointment and checking it sense having this cause any additional anxiety. A urologist is the best person to see and an ultraound is the diagnostic tool to get your answer. Good luck and post back after your appointment.

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  • clos
    started a topic concerned


    Hi im 20 and I first noticed that i had a pea sized "ball" (no pun intended) like 3 years ago and was too scared to do anything. It is attatched to my left testcle by what i can only describe as something that feels like jelly. The actual "ball" hard and if squeezed with a little pressure gives me the sensation as if u would squeez one of your testicles too hard. Recently in my groin i have been feeling a dull pain. And whatever is attatching the ball and the testicle is sore now. Any ideas? I am planning on making an appointment Monday. Thanx