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    Hi, my name is Declan, and i'm 16, currently in 6th form. I Recently had a sisc(cisc?) on my right testicle, but it disappeared about a week later. Then just last week it came back again, in the same place, but this time it is much bigger, and sometimes painful. I have looked at the symptons for Testicular Cancer, which also includes lower stomach pains and fluid coming out every so often, and i must say since i have had this growth, i have noticed my lower stomach has been hurting alot, and this fluid (clear thick substance). Because i'm not a confident person, i feel i can't tell my parents, its just way too embrassing, and to go to a doctor, and have him fiddle around in my 'region' i just can't imagine. So what im asking, is what should i do. I know that it could just be an infection, and my stomach pain, could be something to do with food. But because i'm not a cinfident person, should i just ask my parents to take me to the doctors without telling them what for, or should i be upfront, and find out later it wasn't TC, and be embarassed.

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    Based upon your description, I assume this is a cyst on the skin and is oozing stuff? TC isn't on the skin and doesn't may have a sebaceous cyst or an ingrown hair and either may be infected. You need to tell your parents you have a bump on your testicle and need to see a doctor...especially if it's infected. Many young guys here are VERY nervous to tell their folks, but you will feel much better once you do.
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      Thanks. The cysc is just a huge lump basically, all purple and painful, so i'll take your advice and tell them.



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        Sounds like an infection...take care of it as soon as possible!
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          Hi Declan,

          I know it can be hard for a younger guy to tell his parents about
          something like this, but believe me--your parents want to know if
          something is wrong. You're doing the right thing by telling them.
          And please don't be concerned about a doctor examining you.
          To a doctor, it's just another body part! You wouldn't believe what
          we females go through during our annual physicals!!

          Please let us hear from you after your appointment.



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            Thanks for the advice! I feel alot more comfortabe now. I've been booked in for tuesday, so i'll let you know then.

            Thanks again,


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              Sounds like an infection. Take the above advice and go to the doctor, you'll want to get that looked at soon. The emergency department is always an option if things get worse before your appointment.
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                Good news! He (as in the Doctor) said that it was a bite from a mosquito or something :s Maybe when i went on holiday or something, but it came a week later. Anyway he suggested either a week of anti-biotics, or an injection, and then for him to squeeze it...... guess which one i chose

                So now im on anti-bioitics, and thought i'd let you all know im ok. And before i leave this site, would like to say thanks for the advice and information everyone gave.



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                  Well, glad that's all it is...strange place for a mosquito bite !! ANtibiotics was a good choice....a washcloth soaked in warm as you can stand it water will help get it draining...squeezing an infection is never a good thing,
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