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    Hi I am 16. Puberty just started moving quickly on me.

    I have a hard ball in my scrotum. The ball is about pea-sized and it is at the end of what seems to be a tube, cord or tough tissue, the tube is attatched to my testicle. I'm really scared. Sometimes I will get a shooting pain in my inner thigh, hips, caves, or it will shoot all the way down to my foot. This happends only in my right leg. I have been sitting alot lately and I had some lower abdomenal pains. These pains seem to be going away. My sac isn't swollen or extra large but it does SEEM to decend lower (it could just be that time in devolpement), but it could just be in my mind. My semen looks fine.

    Before I discovered this lump I had a big sexual desire. Now, not much. I think it's just in my mind, but i'm not sure. I have no swollen, enlarged breasts.

    I have no swollen lyph nodes, and other than these things, I feel fine (physically).

    Is there TC with cases like this? Could a something like a cyst cause this?

    I DO NOT like the doctor, I really do not want to go. It will probably make me feel worse.

    Please help
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    Going to the doctor will make you feel better, not worse. Fear of uncertainty is way worse than coping with anything that may be wrong.

    I don't think you have testicular cancer, but you should get yourself checked out.
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      ok well heres the thing...i'm not going to be like everyone else and say the best thing is go to the doctors and get it checked out, but what i will say is.....u have to realize its ur life and u chose ur own path.....i'm 16 years old also and about 3 weeks ago i joined this site and asked everyone about my problem, which was my right testicle was alot bigger then my left, it took me a couple of days to tell my parents since i was embaressed....but i did, i got surgery last friday and now i feel great, its like someone just took the world off my shoulders....tell ur parents or a friend or ur teacher and u will be amazed at how good it feels when u tell someone u trust and to get a doctors app. Good luck man i hope everything works out for u, keep us updated