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16yr old dull ache right testicle

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  • 16yr old dull ache right testicle

    hello everyone...about 2 weeks ago i had this really sore annoying pain in my right a dull ache and it sorta moved into my abdomen as time went was like i was draggin my nut and i could barely walk the pain was that bad....i tried to touch my right testilce but it was just too i went to bed and i woke up and the pain had gone. I checked it out on the net the next day and realised i could have tc.I have searched my testicles for any lumps but didnt find any and sometimes they are just too sensitive to touch.The pain came back today and im gettin really worried way too shy a person to ask my parents about this stuff and the thought of having to get checked out it scaring me.Is there anyone else that had this problem and could give me some advice and if i didnt go to the doctor is there a chance it could go away?
    please help me i really scared and depressed about this
    thanks in advance for any replies....

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    Hey, Josh, welcome to the forums. First off, if you haven't already read Teri's "Before you post" thread, please start there. It's good advice. After that, you really need to tell a parent and get to a doctor. It may not be cancer, but it should get immediate attention. Don't wait and take chances. You wouldn't hesitate to tell somebody if your arm hurt. You don't need to think about it any differently just because it's your testicle. It's just another body part!
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