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14 year old - kinda worried

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  • 14 year old - kinda worried

    Hi peeps

    This time last year i started to get a dull pain in my right testical this pain moved onto both of my testicals then and i kinda got worried it's really hard to try and tell my mum i just cant do it! i started getting lower stomach pains and told my mum about that and kinda hited about where it did hurt i think she knew what i was on about but didn't tell doctor about it i did have a urine test about my stomach but everything all clear (not sure if cancer would show up on the test)

    anyway i found standing up alot less painfull then sitting down.
    I just left it (a dumb thing) but the pain was dying away and seem like it went away for about 2-3 months and it came back again. but left it becuase i dunt like talking about it.

    It's been a year now and about a few weeks ago i exam my testicals to see exactly how things where and what i can feel is like a lump but a identical lump and same size and position on my other testical too maybe epidimas (how ever you spell it lol)

    my stomach often stomach ache is history and the ache in my testicals is very very dull but i'm really now sure if to see the doc now ? and try and spit it out what my problem is. i also remeber having a sharp pain on my left lung when i breath in it rally hurt then went ( just added in to see if that maybe a sign.

    Thanks alot

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    It's impossible to know what's going on from your description, but you should see a urologist ASAP. Pains anywhere in your body should not be allowed to go on for months.
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      When you explain it to your mom, just be really mater-of-fact about it. Tell her you need to see a Urologist, and that your testicles are hurting. The more medical language you use, the less uncomfortable it will be to talk about. Just get it out there, and be to the point, and she'll be proud of you for being so mature.

      Good luck man.
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        thanks for the replys i will try my best about telling my mum about it.

        But for the past few days i've been fine no pain. i sometimes get the pain and sometimes dunt. I i know is that i'm going though puberty very fast i already shave. i'm 13 lol

        When i usally do get the ache it's usally that small i forget it's there when doing something else.

        i only started get them back when i got my new laptop WHITCH GETS VERY HOT on my lap. i know that the heat can kill sperm cells. possibly the reason? i dunno



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          GO TELL UR PARENTS! I'm 16 years old and just told my parents 2 weeks ago, it took me about a week to tell day i got a doc app. with a urologist, he examined me and confirmed it was a Hydrocele....This of a Hydrocele as a bigg testicle, just alot an ultrasound that day i went to urologist and 4 days later, got surgery and now i'm feeling great....u'll see how amazing the feeling is when u find out whats it man tell ur mom, or a good friend and ur friend will say the same exact thing we all are.....good luck man and keep us alll updated !


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            Cos my mum has been very busy latly i have not told her about this. But!!! yesterday i told her about it i thought aghhh dunt be a baby just talk about it cos i found it hard i just sort of described where i was on about and my mum was fine about it lol and i'm going to hopefully go to the doctors sometime next week.

            So i wanted to know abit of infromation on what it is that the doctor does like how long will the examination take ect.

            Thanks loads



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              seen doctor today and i dunt even know why i was worried cos it's so simple

              He said that the pain is a good thing cos testicular cancer is more of a painless lump not all the time tho. and was proberly growing pains and everything felt normal. but if it does carry on after sometime he said to come back.


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                Don't let this go more then a week or so. Your testicles shouldn't hurt because you're growing. I'm sure you're doctor is very smart but I don't think I really know of any good pain.
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