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  • 16 again.....

    For the last 6 months i have had a large growth over my right testicle. The growth is large (about the size of another testicle!). I dont think it is attached to the testicleas it isnt there when i wake up in the morning but when i visit the bathroom later it is always there. I went to the doctor to get it checked up but unfortunitly it picked that opportune moment to pull a vanashing act.The growth is solid but not hard. It has only ever hurt once and it was only briefly and the growth itself is not painfull to touch. Any help would be great!! Thanks!!

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    My guess would be a hernia. Make sure you get it checked by a urologist, it may not seem serious but if it gets pinched and the blood supply to that area is cut off you can have some real problems.
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      thanks very much will get it checked out


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        I also reckon it is usually makes a testicle very very big. The fact that it is not present in the morning makes me even sure it is hernia. It does come and go because it is a protruding bowel.

        Have you seen a doctor yet?