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    the other day, at school, my testicles started to ache just a litte, it's been a day, and it's on and off, comes during the day, but is gone at night...

    Should i wait anouther day to see if it's nothing, or....errr find the strength to tell mom & dad

    The only other thing i can think of, is that because I've kinda felt flue-ish the last few days, i could be confusing lower intestine pain with testicular pain, and....because recently i found this site to ask about somehthing that i've thought about for 8 years...i could be being like a hypocondriac with my gut ache, and thinking it's testicular.....

    I know I'm rambling...any thoughts, i geuss to just tell my mom i needed to see a Doc. cause i'd had pain in my gut for too long wouldn't be hard at all, i'll just go into see the doc alone, if, you guys think i should see a doctor at all...i don't like the doctors office....cold hands.
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    Welcome jimbo10!

    I'd give it a day or two and see.. like you said, it could just be a gut ache that's affecting the testicles. But if you're still having pain/ache after a few days, please tell your mom and dad. Trust me, they'll be glad you did!

    Keep us updated on what happens!

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