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  • What is it?

    They are both on my left and right testical. It is located on the top of them and is part of the testical. I am not sure if its TC or a part of the system. It is fairly small and firm. It feels like it's the actual testical itself but is not completely. So when I feel it, it's there but when I move the testical outwards to see the lump, its gone. Then it's actually part of the testical but when it's loosely hanging, I can feel it.

    Am I just feeling a part of the testical?

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    Can the Epididymis feel like a lump? I can feel the same lump on each testical on TOP of the testicals.


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      You could well be feeling the head of the epididymis, especially if you feel the same thing on both testicles.
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        And it feels like a lump but it's not?


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          Sounds like the epididymis, especially if it is symetrical. We can't diagnosoe you over the internet, so if you are so concerned you should get an exam by a doc and put your worries to rest.
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            Also the lump on each testical on top goes away when I roll the testical around. Then when I roll it back to the top, I can feel the lump.


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              You should know that epididymis is a lumpy tube. You would not believe if I told you that it is 5-7 meters long. It is curled up and probably lumpy because of that. You are most likely feeling its lumps since they are in the same place on both of your testicles.

              Another thing you could be feeling are spermatocele, cysts that form on top of epididymis that contain sperm and some milky fluid and are harmless. However, it is highly unlikely that you developed them on both of your testicles, so I still think it is epididymis.

              If you can't put your mind at rest, you better see a doctor.


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                Um, I am starting to feel that it is part of the system but the liquid mushy mass on the left bottom testical is worrying me. I don't know if it was because I kept feeling it since I was worried but it kinda grew. Again I am not relating to the fact that I kept on feeling it but my left side is very soar. It constantly is soar. Is this ok? Is it just because I felt it a lot and it's being sensitive? Now because of that, my left testical hangs low and I can feel it when I gently place my fingers on the bottom of the left testical.