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    hi i am 14 years old male i think i have testicular cancer, i have read throung all the possible symptoms and they all happen to match to my right testicle. i have a lump at the top of my testicle. i is about the same size as a pea maybe a little bigger, i am soon turning 15, i was jst wondering if there has been any other cases wen 14 year old bois have had testicular cancer...

    and also who would i be able to go and see to check my testicle out other than my GP.....

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    It's very likely to be something less serious than testicular cancer, but if it doesn't seem right to you, you should get it checked. I'm assuming you've read the self-examination instructions and you're pretty sure it's not part of your normal anatomy. You may want to start with your own doctor, or you may want to see a urologist.
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      hey eagle boy
      i was once in the same situation as you, i was fifteen when i discovered a lump on the top of my left testicle. i was terrified, nervous, scared, the whole nine yards. But when it all came down to it, i had to tell my parents. If you dont want to tell them what its about, you could say something non-descript or secretive, then just say it to your doctor. It's important you get it checked out, because either way it's better for you.

      I recall mine was on top of the testicle, and it ended up being a epididymal cyst (not sure if i spelled it right, scott usually corrects me when i say epidermal )
      WHich is basically a completely harmless thing to have. See if your lump is connected to the little cord that goes into your testicle, mine was. But no matter what see a doctor so you can stop thinking about it