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Hard lumps on both testicles, 15 years old

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  • Hard lumps on both testicles, 15 years old

    This is probably gonna be long and I'm sorry if my english is bad.
    I'm 15 years old and in early August I felt some pain in my testicles. It appeared out of nowhere and after some examination, I felt a lump on my left testicle. Then like 2 days later another one on the right one. I think they appeared rather fast with only 2 days between. The lumps feel hard and are attached to the testicle I think. A few weeks later I went to a doctor who felt it a little bit and then said it was nothing to worry about. He said I was too young to have cancer (What??) and that it didn't feel like one. So I went on with my life and the lumps got a little bit smaller (I think at least they have). But a month later I felt the veins around had gotten swollen and after googling symptoms I found out that I probably have varicocele. But I started wondering if this had anything to do with the lumps. So I went to another doctor who felt it and I told him about the lumps. He said cancer wouldn't shrink, only get bigger, so I was safe. He only took some urine tests to test for Chlamydia (I haven't even had sex) and later called and said this was all just a normal part of puberty (What?!?) But I still don't feel sure as the lumps are still there and they feel hard and attached. But they certainly haven't grown so that's good I guess. Should I go back to the doctor and ask for an ultrasound or should I just trust their guesses?

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    Oh, and I forgot to mention: the pain is mostly gone except for a small aching feeling sometimes. And when I touch the lumps i get this feeling you get when you're kicked in the balls.


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      I would certainly ask about having an ultrasound just to be safe, especially if your doctor made the statement that you are too young to have testicular cancer as I may not trust his judgements too much. It is an easy and relatively inexpensive test. You definitely need to be comfortable with the answers they are giving you. Let us know how things go.

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        Thanks for the answer! Got an ultrasound today, turns out it were some cysts or something (totally harmless, he said) so that's a huge relief...


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          Thats great news. The ultrasound is definetly the best and fastest way to know if and what is there.Its not expensive (in my country it costs if i remember correctly just 50euros )and you get the answer on the fly. Happy that its nothing for you. Of course its a good idea to keep an eye on it and if something doesnt feel good to ask a second opinion just to be on the safe side (perhaps im exaggerating a little here)
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