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  • So incredibly scared...

    Ok so I'm 16 and probably around when I turned 15 I noticed a lump on the top of my left testicle(very close to the veins and tubey things) so I just kinda brushed it off being part of my nuts..but then like..3 days ago..suddenly I got a pain kinda like a dull ache in the area and I'm soooooo scared...It doesn't hurt lots at all and not seems to like..just spontaenous ache during the day mostly..walking doesn't seem to bother it..or laying down or sitting doesn't seem to affect it either..but I'm soooo scared..I can't bring myself to tell my parents..since my cousin just dealt with TC and well, the second I tell them they'll freak out and I can't handle that..I mean if I go in and I have TC I don't think I'LL be able to handle it..I am soooooooo scared..I've got the short end of the stick all my life..and this would just be the cherry on the cake..I wouldn't be able to handle it..

    Also..let's say I do get the courage to ask my parents..I'm in Canada..where do you go to get an examination or appointment? Like at a walk-in clinic? or at a hospital...

    -Very scared..

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    Very scared,

    First I think you should pause for a second and take a deep breath. You need to take things one step at a time and not get ahead of yourself.

    Second, welcome to the forums! It took a lot of courage to post your message up here, so you should feel good about yourself for that.

    Although I'm not a parent (yet), I'm sure the last thing your parents would want is for you to hide something like this from them. I would approach them and say something like you've been having some pain down there and want to get it checked out just to be safe. You probably have a regular doctor that you see yearly for physicals?, right? I would try to go see your doctor and have it checked out. Odds are that it is not cancer and it will put your mind at ease knowing that you got it checked out. I highly doubt your parents will freak out. I think they would be very proud that you were able to talk to them about your issue. ya know.

    Also know that T.C. is one of the most curable forms of cancer, so IF,,,,and thats a big IF, it happends to be t.c., the odds are in your favor to overcome this obsticle.

    But like I said, take it one step at a time and go see your doctor to get a better idea of what it is. It could be many other things besides cancer.

    good luck and keep us posted.
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