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I think I might Have TC i'm 19

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  • I think I might Have TC i'm 19

    I feel very worried This is worrying me so much For a long time now i Been feeling a lump on my left testes and I been wanting to get it check.. but I have no insurance. I used to have insurance through my mom but She just recently had Kidney Surgery done on her (in march) and hasnt been working since...She lost her job and her insurance with it. Now I saw how bad my mom suffered with The operation and everything and I really hate the hospital.My Life is Great and I just can't believe Something like this can ruin it all...You can't feel the lump much when my testes are normal but after it shows up ALOT when i my testes and the skin get together and thats when its most noticeable when I touch it...This bugs me alot what should i do? How much is a Check up? also Im trying to look for individual insurance before I get thsi checked up so it wont come on my medical record later on if im trying to get insurance...also how long till insurance take effect to cover expenses if i were to get diagnosed with TC. I mean Theres nothing else it could be? I also sometimes I feel a pain in my lower back which i heard its a sympton Its not always sometimes...Man im soo scared this really gets me drepressed...I want to call a free clinic that my mom been going to but I dont know wut to tell them...This is urgent for me so I want them to see me soonest possible but I dont konw wut to tell them to make them give me an appointment fast..any ideas..thank u in advance

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    First off TC is very rare only about 7500 in USA get it each year. Second what you are feeling could be normal or any number if things that are easy to treat. If you are in college go to the health clinic, if not look in the phone book for a county health department and call them to see what clinics will be able to get you in for a reduced fee. If you can't find one then call a family doctor and tell them that you don't have insurance and ask them if they have a payment plan. Make sure to tell them that you have a lump, since they are trained to take these calls don't worry about telling them they hear a lot worse every day, and will try to get you in ASAP. A visit should only cost 75.00 to 125.00 to see a family doctor maybe less in your area. Then you can get an idea of what is going on chances are it is nothing but the only way to be sure is to have it checked out by a doctor. Just remember that there are a number of things besides cancer that can cause problems and if they are not treated can become a real problem like not being able to have children for one... so get it checked out and let us know what they say.
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      HI m8 ..
      well if your experiencing lower back pains and have a lump on your testical , i would JUST go and get yourself checked out ASAP ..
      i can't say not to worry about the insurance ,but life is more valuable than money.
      get checked ..
      Cheers T
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