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    I'm not sure if Stages of Puberty matter for TC because I haven't read anything on that except that the most common age is 15-40...

    I'm 14 years old and I am on the closing end of puberty, for a few months my lower back has been a problem, and my lower abdomin has been hurting for years. A month or so ago I discovered a round mass below my left testicle, its not a growth off of my testicle but it is fairly large, around 2/3 the diametre, Is this normal for the cording?

    I also feel pain in my scrotum on a somewhat regular basis... My main dilemma is that I dont know if this is the cording, a mass, or a mix of the two. Another dilemma im having is the fact that I've had abdominal pain for so long.

    Any advice is appreciated

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    HI . You should have a chat with your mom and dad about this , and make a DR's appointment .

    Self examine

    Cheers T
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      If someone else were to post what I said, I'd give them the same advice... But I have been sick a lot through 14 years and my parents tend to think im a hysterionic... Are there any possible hints as to what this is? Should the cording hurt under pressure?


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        I doubt it's testicular cancer, but it may be an epididymal cyst or something else less serious. I'd get it checked.
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