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  • Am I just paranoid now

    Hey. Im 16
    So about 2 months ago I noticed sweelimg in my testicles. One had got a lot bigger and one was smaller. I was given anti biotic for the swelling. My (tubes) vari... I can't member but the tubes went down in size. The testicle remained big. The one that had got bigger now has 3 lines on the top (could be viens). And I found about 3 small bumps. Also one bigger lump. I went to the doctors and my scrotum wasn't relaxed so it was hard for her to feel. She definitely felt them though and referred me to a ultrasound. 4 days ago was the ultrasound. He scanned the testicle that was fine for 2-3 mins and the one that was for 1 min. I told him the lumos were underneath and he quickly scanned. He said everything was normal and healthy. However he couldn't explain why I could feel lumps. I don't think they came up on screen.
    What to I do now. My parents will think I'm paranoid as I've been to the doctors effectively 3 times now. The woman doctor who felt them said they could by cysts or anything .
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    Baker -

    Did you see a urologist or general practitioner? If you saw a general practitioner, you should consider going to a urologist. They will be more familiar with the signs of testicular cancer and more knowledgeable about the exam and ultrasound results. An ultrasound is the standard imaging test for TC, so it's a good sign that the radiologist saw nothing of concern. There are several different reasons why your testicle could be swollen or lumpy, so I would consult a urologist if you are not satisfied with your doctors' opinions so far. You are your own best advocate and while the ultrasound is a good sign, it's better to be safe than sorry.
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    5/4/15: Primary (open) RPLND w/ Dr. Foster at IU. 34 nodes removed, only 2 had presence of EC. Pathological Stage IIA.
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    September 2015: Post-RPLND baseline CT scan ALL CLEAR! Lymphocele measuring 9x5x5cm was noted, surgeon said it was harmless and should resorb within a year.
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    February 2016: Bloodwork, chest x-ray, CT scan clear
    July 2016: Bloodwork, chest x-ray clear (CT scan in September)


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      Originally posted by Baker22 View Post
      . He scanned the testicle that was fine for 2-3 mins and the one that was for 1 min. I told him the lumos were underneath and he quickly scanned. He said everything was normal and healthy..
      I find this quite disturbing. No good reason I can think of to spend 3x as much time on the testicle with no problems as the one you came in with a complaint about, especially since it is noticeably larger than the other. It may still be nothing to worry about, but I've had 3 or 4 U/S tests in different areas of my body, none of them took less than 10 minutes of actual scanning. I don't think you had a proper scan. The U/S should have been able to tell you *something* about your problem. Maybe get your folks on the forum to read our comments. I'll be happy to talk to them.
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        I agree with Dave. Any testis that is getting larger and feeling lumps (that are not part of it's normal anatomy) need to be double checked.

        Here's what I would do:

        1: Go back and request a copy of the scans on a cd
        2: Take those to another Urologist and get a second opinion, checkup, a second U/S, etc.

        Don't fool around with this. It may not be cancer, but the bottom line is that you need a definitive diagnosis.

        - Matt

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          Forgot my password. Oops
          I haven't had a letter yet on my results. He literally just said they look clean and fine. I don't know if he even saw them. The lumps are tiny but now I feel 5-10 I think they are attached. Somethimes they are at the bottom somtimes at the top I'm guessing the testicles can't move around? In getting groin pain too and chest pain.


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            I would talk to your parents and go see a Urologist. Better be safe.
            07/14 : Sonogram found 3 masses on right testicle measuring 2.3x1.8x1.9cm, 1.3x0.7x0.7cm, and 0.6x0.6x0.8cm. Blood markers all fine
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            07/29 : Pathology report : 4 100% Seminoma tumors, no evidence of Spermatic Cord or Lymphatic Invasion.
            08/11/2015: CT scans all clear, surveillance