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16 and concerned

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  • 16 and concerned

    Hi everyone,
    I am 16 and I am fairly worried. About 2 months ago, I woke up with a pain in my right testicle, but then it went later on that day. About 3 weeks ago, I was getting infrequent pains (probably every 2 days) in my left testicle/groin area until about a week ago. For about a week now I have been getting quite a lot of pain in my right testicle and groin. The pain appears to be coming from the rear of the testicle. I have done a self examination and have found no lumps, but my right testicle hangs a little lower and is further away from my body (they are both the same size). There is no inflammation, so I was wondering what is could be? I will make a doctors appointment for next week but I am just wondering what the problem may be?