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  • 16 and concerned

    Hi everyone,
    I am 16 and I am fairly worried. About 2 months ago, I woke up with a pain in my right testicle, but then it went later on that day. About 3 weeks ago, I was getting infrequent pains (probably every 2 days) in my left testicle/groin area until about a week ago. For about a week now I have been getting quite a lot of pain in my right testicle and groin. The pain appears to be coming from the rear of the testicle. I have done a self examination and have found no lumps, but my right testicle hangs a little lower and is further away from my body (they are both the same size). There is no inflammation, so I was wondering what is could be? I will make a doctors appointment for next week but I am just wondering what the problem may be?

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    Hey there,

    Sorry for the symptoms you have. Even if your physician tries to reassure you, I would insist on an ultrasound. There's just no other way to determine what is happening inside or around the testicle. He will probably give you all these facts of reassurance and act all confident, but don't get fooled. Most generalists have no clue when it comes to the genitourinary system. Any man with a change in sensation or feel of the testicle should have an ultrasound of the testicle. Most of the time it is not testicular cancer, but you want to be on the safe side. It's good that you are being proactive about this. I was misdiagnosed by 2 physicians. By the way, I work as a physician.
    Diagnosed at age 31. Treated in NYC. Now living in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

    7/1/2015: felt tiny lump on side of R testicle
    7/30/2015: Ultrasound shows 2 intra-testicular masses.
    7/31/2015: tumor markers normal, CXR clear
    8/5/2015: R orchiectomy
    8/11/2015: Pathology: 1.2 x 1.0 x 1.0 cm, embryonal 80%, seminoma 20%, with LVI and rete testis invasion
    8/14/2015: CT abdomen/pelvis clear, Stage 1b
    8/24/2015: started 1 x BEP