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Not quite sure what this could be?

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  • Not quite sure what this could be?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm 16 and have been doing testicular self examinations now for about 2 years. I would normally just have a quick feel, but about 3 days ago I thought I should perhaps delve a little further. What I found was a ridge behind by right testicle. It is about 7mm long and 1mm wide. It goes sort 90 degrees really and appears to come from the epidymi**** (have I spelt it correctly?) and towards the right hand side of the testicle. As I have never really delved behind the testicle before, I wasn't quite sure if this was normal? There are a few soft lumps and veins I can feel behind each testicle - it just appears one has hardened on my right? Hope I haven't confused you all. I would just like a heads up as I'm going to the doctor next week. Cheers.

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    Just a quick note: I am in no pain, but about 4 months ago I did have quite severe groin/testicular pain on both sides. I asked the doctor, he checked and he thought it was something to do with ligaments?


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      I think these links might help you out :

      The first link shows the structure of a testicle, the second describes how to do an exam
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