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Havent Posted Here in a while. Need some advice.

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  • Havent Posted Here in a while. Need some advice.

    Hi, i posted a while ago about pains in testicles, that has since gone completely and been reset with a whole new bunch of more debilitating problems. First is my stomach, sometimes its painful, but most of the time its a dull feeling of unease, it doesnt feel normal. Secand is acctually my anus, there are a series of small lumps in it, like very small, one of which is sorrounded by swelling. Some of these lumps are in a line, and when touched they cause severe pain and spasms in my stomach, genitals as well as my anus. The next one, the one that is particularly bothering me is my lower back, i mean very low. At the very bottom of the spine, whenever i sit down i feel strong pain, thats constant, almost like im sitting on a large bruise except its internal, almost behind the large spherical bone at the bottom of my spine. It may be possible that the pain in my back is because of my school bag which i must admit is stupidly heavy, and recent lifting of hefty weights. But its my anus im most worried about, it doesnt hurt normally, but it is more swollen now, and these lumps are concerning me, they are miniscule, but rock solid, and one side on the outside and inside of my anus is alot harder and more swollen than the other side (the same side with the small lumps). Is this anything to do with cancer? Possibly or just something like hemmeroids or piles, which i doubt as this has been like this for quite a while now, over 2 months perhaps, getting steadily more noticeable. The lower back pain i now realise that it is most probibly related to me being silly with my bag although isf it doesnt stop soon, or doesnt stop getting worse ill need to tell someone. Im sorry if this is a nuisance and seems like nothing to do with TC. I know lower stomach pains and lower back pains are symtoms, but i cant call the one in the stomach a pain. I have never ever been able to find a lump on my testicle, im pretty sure i have a varicole, but this doesnt bother me and its always been there so ill leave it. Its my stomach and back and anus that are really scaring me, could the back and stomach pain be related? The stomach pain is directly below my ribs, sometimes in the middle, sometimes at the sides. Im fifteen and really starting to feel the effects of constant pains that i worry about constantly, any reassurance? Or advice or any ideas about what could be wrong with me? Cheers guys.
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    I wish I could be more help, but we're testicular cancer survivors, not doctors. You'll get a lot further faster by seeing your doctor. Have you talked to a parent?
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      Originally posted by Scott
      I wish I could be more help, but we're testicular cancer survivors, not doctors. You'll get a lot further faster by seeing your doctor. Have you talked to a parent?
      I think she knows about the back pain i remember telling her, im pretty sure ive damges asomething by lifting more than i could handle, ill tell her tonight about my stomach, but i am too embarrased to tell her about my anus lol, it sounds exactly like hemmeroids or piles to me but im not sure, it was embarrasing enought to tell her about my testicular problems lol. I appreciate you are not doctors, i just wondered whether it sounded remotely familiar to any symptoms of TC or other cancers in that area.What i could do is ask to see about my back but also ask the doctor (when im there) to look at my anus (as wierd as that sounds). Id really rather not tell my parents about the anal thing.


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        If it were me I would just mention that I have some health issues I need a doctor to check. Your mom will be upset with that answer but she will know the area you are concerned about. Just get it checked. It won't be tc but it needs to be taken care of.
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          Ta, will try.