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    hi im 14 and i think ive had these lumps on my testicals since i was in year 5 (i think) so i was about 10 and i didnt think much of it they may just be lumps and not cancer im not really sure can somebody help me please? and im too scared to see a doctor or even tell my parents well to be honest i REALLY DON'T WANT TO i want to be sure wehter it is or not first. ive heard that people get a few aches and pains but i havn't had any aches or pains ATALL

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    Since you say you've had them for a long time, and it sounds like both testicles feel the same, it's likely you're just feeling part of the epididymis. Check these self-examination instructions and feel free to ask more questions.
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      i've done a check and there are lumps on the testicles and well as the side of the epididymis but im not sure wether or not it is cancer should i have been more affected since year 5? even though i have lumps i cant feel them. the lumps are mini about 1-3 mm wide
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        My guess is that you don't have cancer but any lumps on the testicles should be checked by a urologist. It may be a bit weird talking to your parents about it but as a parent I can tell you they won't think your being silly and they won't ask to see or check the lumps themselves.
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