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    I hope you don't mind me posting on here.

    Around April time, I noticed that I was having some pain down below and went to my GP. They believed it was down to an infection but then I went back at least two or three times after by which time they said an ultrasound would be needed.

    I have recently had my ultrasound scan and the consultant who did the scan was quite open with me. They usually don't say anything. The report said that the testicle has a coarse echotexture with some califications and slightly small. He said that my testis "looks very sorry for itself."

    I have had an undescended testes brought down at a very young age but the other one could never be found when they operated so they thought it had never developed. Because of this, I am very worried in case it is going bad ways.

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice about this and whether you think this is something that is potentially turning bad?

    Thank you,

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    Have you received the ultrasound results yet from your radiologist?

    Not to discourage you, but because you had undescended testicles at a young age, your risk for testicular cancer does increase. If it does end up being testicular cancer, I wouldn't worry too much. It is a very curable disease with lots of treatment options depending on the type of cancer. Best of luck to you and your journey.
    May 6 - R/O Left Testicle
    Pathology Report - Mixed Germ Cell Tumor - Non-Seminoma
    80% Embryonal 20% Yolk Sac
    Margin Free, No LVI.
    Tumor Markers - Normal
    Stage 1A - On Surveillance

    September CT Scan showed 2 Para-Aortic enlarged lymph nodes measuring 1.6cm and 1.3cm
    Restaged 2A
    9/26 Started BEP x 3
    11/21 Ended BEP x 3
    11/21 On Surveillance Again - Lymph Nodes on post chemotherapy scan were 9mm and are expected to shrink further. Merry Christmas to me!!