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Two days until preventive examination

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  • Two days until preventive examination

    Sorry for my English its not my native language

    Okaay so... Im early 15 years old. Im pretty sure that i have cancer for over 5 years. its very shameful for me so i didn´t told anyone. The day afer tomorow im going to preventive examination... I just don´t know what to do... What will happen... im really nervous for this... Mostly because my mother. I have strong feeling that i will see her crying for this. It would be my worst day of my life since my birth... Have anyone expirienced this situation ? How it was ? I just need to get myself at least a little bit prepared for it... Thank you for fast reply

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    One thing I am sure about is that you have not had testicular cancer for 5 years. If you had had cancer 5 years ago and it had not been treated then it would have killed you several years ago. Testicular cancer is also a very very uncommon disease for 10 year olds. It tends to occur between 15 and 45.

    Don't worry about what the doctor will say / do. There is nothing shameful in getting checked out if you think you have something wrong down there, you don't get testicular cancer because you did something wrong, it is just a thing that unfortunately happens to some of us. The doctor will probably ask you some questions, do a physical exam and if they are at all concerned then they will send you for an ultrasound test. This is painless, fast and easy and will tell them whether any lump in your testicle is solid which may be cancer or fluid filled and so not cancer.

    Please don't worry. You don't say why you think you have cancer but there are a number of other conditions you could have that are much more likely than cancer and are not serious. Get to the doctor and get this sorted out.


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      I totally agree with MarkOne. The good thing is that you have an appointment. You just have to have the courage to mention that you think something is wrong with your testicle(s) and while it is awkward to have to say it, it only take a few seconds to say it and bringing it to the attention of the doctor could save your life if indeed it is cancer.

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        You are absolutely doing the right thing by getting this checked out. Best of luck to you.


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          Hey Dunnothename, so it's been 4 days since that doc visit, what did he have to say?

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            Hello there... I was pretty sick(bronchitis[google translate]) so it was postponded(google translate) to tomorrow...


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              Cordova - yes i know... but its because i have to... not because i want to... Oh of course i want to, but i don´t have enough courage to do...


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                Yes one more thing... Thank you all people... I felt much better after this post and your replies... I mean... you are true heroes to me... the ones that should wear cape