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Continued to feel scared and worried

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  • Continued to feel scared and worried

    I am sorry for posting on this forum again and hope you don't mind me seeking further advice. Previously, I posted about an ultrasound report that I had back in August and ever since, I have been worrying in case there is anything that I should be worried about. I have been regularly seeing my GP and they said that they don't think there is anything to worry about. I have been able to get a copy of the ultrasound report that I had in August and wondered if anyone could give advice about this?

    Report: Coarse echopattern. Microcalification throughout parencheyma. Normal vascular signature. Epidymitis normal size, shape and echopattern. No evidence of hydrocele or varicocele.

    Prior to this I was told that I had a varicocele but apparently one couldn't be found on this ultrasound.

    I am very worried and living each day in fear. I don't know what to think anymore and wondered if this ultrasound is anything to be concerned or worried about?

    Thank you,

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    Have you seen a Urologist yet? If not then what are you waiting for? Take the sonogram results to one, preferably a CD with the actual images so they can review it as well as do their own exams in the office to give you a good idea of what they feel.

    It says there is microcalcification so you might be feeling some pain from that. It can be very annoying especially if you work on your feet a lot.