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12 yo - have a lump on epidydymis (problably)

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  • 12 yo - have a lump on epidydymis (problably)

    Hello 3 weeks ago I got wet in my shirt and polo, also possibly my pants in cold water. It was wet for about 5 hours. I started noticing pain that hurts. It kept improving everyday. On the 2nd week, the pain was completely gone. After a few days, I noticed a lump at my left testicle. It is somewhat on the front and close to the top, it is problably at the top. I dont feel it being on the testicles I’m pretty sure it is on the epidydymis, I am not 100% right. It is pea sized, when i put alot of pressure on the lump, it hurts a bit and my stomach hurts for like 5minutes. The pain is improving everyday, so I am not as worried. Sorry mamaang if I didnt reply, also I am too scared to tell my mom. Can someone tell me what this is?

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    I forgot to mention that I can do my everyday activities it doesnt affect me, but I am worried.

    Edit: Also it keeps moving out of place is that a sign of tc?
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      I just have noticed something, I read all variocele symptomps and I think I have it, I’m not sure. I read lump in testicle is a sign, which is in my left. And veins like in a weird place, on my right testicle. The pain is also from the scrotum I’m pretty sure, but I still need guesses on what this is. Thank you everyone.

      Also I am going thru puberty as I read varioceles happen at that time. I am getting massive growth spurts and pubic hair coming out of nowhere.


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        Hi again Sean. I'm sure members can give you some feedback but no one will be able to accurately diagnose you, only a doctor can do that. Can you tell me why you are afraid to tell your mother?


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          Hi Sean,

          Mentioning that you may have something wrong with your testicle to your mom certainly isn't easy and it is a bit awkward (for you as I am sure it will not be awkward for her). However, it only takes a few seconds to mention it and if it is cancerous and detected early it could just save your life. So, a moment of awkwardness could save a lifetime. If it ends up being something else, then at least you know what is going on and you will have peace of mind. I can tell you that once you get to the doctor and hopefully, have a scrotal ultrasound that none of the doctors or nurses are going to feel awkward. They are going to be only concerned that they are providing you with the best care to figure out what is going on.

          If you don't think you can get up the courage to say something to your mom, then perhaps just print out this forum thread and hand it too her and ask her to read it. I am more than happy to message your mom if you think that would help as well. The key is to get into the doctor sooner than later because if it is cancer and caught at an early stage then you will live a long healthy life but if it is diagnosed at later stages then the odds of a long healthy life decrease.

          Please keep us posted.

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