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    Hi, im only 16 and im really worried i found a lump on one of my testicles the other day and since then iv been conscious of a dull aching feeling down there too. the lumps not very big, about the size of like an insect bite after its come up and it's hard aswell. im really worried and i dont know what to do ive read that tumours only tend to grow on the bottom and this one is on the top but im still really worried

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    Hi Robz,

    I understand you being worried, but worry isn't an approved treatment for any of the possible problems you might have down there. You really need to take control of the situation and go visit a doctor or urologist. They can do an examination and if they think there is any risk of TC, will send you off for an ultrasound.

    Either way - you will either have relief for your worry, or you will have some treatment to resolve whatever problem it is. Don't assume it is TC until you have a medical opinion as there are a number of other treatable maladies that can affect "the boys".

    If you actively seek medical assistance and do your best to understand what is happening, it will reduce your stress a lot and help you feel a bit more in control of the situation. Feeling powerless can sometimes have more impact than illness itself.