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  • Oh Nooooo!?!?!?!?

    hi, i have posted in the "do i have cancer" forum but i thought i would post here with a few other questions, i started off having a bruised feeling all over my left testicle about a week ago, and so i couldnt feel for a lump, but now the bruising has gone i think i may have felt a lump on the very top of my testicle, i cant tell wether it is on the testicle however because the lumpy stuff thats normal is in the way to feel properly, i have had aches around the left leg but thought it was after effects of the bruising. I have doubts (or wishfull thinkings) that it may not be cancer though because the testicle doesnt feel much bigger\smaller to my other testicle and it isnt harder or heavier. Does this mean it isnt cancer or does it just mean it is very early stages and it hasnt done all of the other things YET?. also is there any other way to tell if it is cancer other than feeling testicles? i mean is there any side effects such as sickiness\dizziness or any other "feelengs" other than a lump? the lump is about the size of a blunt pencil nib or a pen nib, but as i have never examined by testicles before i dont really know whether it has been there before? one last question is, how long from booking a doctor appointment is it from having it removed if it is cancer, and what are the chances of chemotherapy?

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    I don't think leg pain is associated to TC. Were you struck in the testicle area recently? Doesn't sound like testicular cancer to me, but I'm only 17!

    Also, don't confuse bumps for large hair follicles (little white bumps).