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  • Scott
    If you've been living with it for three years, the lump hasn't changed size, and you haven't noticed any other symptoms, I'll be very surprised if it's cancer.

    That said, any lump on the testicle should be checked out by a doctor. You should talk to your mom or dad about it.

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  • blueled
    started a topic Now what?

    Now what?

    Hi everyone. Well I just turned 18 and I feel it's been way to long of ignoring this problem. When I was 15 I noticed a lump on my right testicle that wasn't on the left. I've known for the longest time that It's likely cancer but I just couldnt tell anyone. Anyway now im just confused as all hell. Since I'm 18 what doctor do I go to now? I have a pediatrician but I haven't seen that guy since I was 14 and I don't know what to do next. Can I go anywhere by myself? Do I need insurance or something? I just want a "OK", or a "you better get more tests" from a doctor. Then I would tell my parents.