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  • dadmo
    billy h:
    That lump could be associated with many conditions but to ease your mind, to be testicular cancer it must be part of the testicle itself. That being said you should still get it checked.

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  • billy h
    started a topic not too sure...

    not too sure...

    hey all,

    just before i whine a bit like to thank you for this great support forum you run, without this sort of anonamous support god help 80% of guys.

    that overwith i wish to just confirm something, for testicual cancer the lump in question must be attached to the testicals?
    i regularly check the testicals but recently found what looks like a blister forming on the scrotum area i'll probably have to get this checked out eventually but just to ease my worries if you could answer the question that would be brilliant.

    thanks again.