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Right higher than left.

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  • Right higher than left.

    Hi I'm new here but I just have a few concerns. I am 15 years of age and I have one testical higher than the other. I don't have any pains but I just don't know what the problem is. Both my testicals are the same size. My right seems to have a cord attatched to the back of it while my left one dosen't. My right one is also more forward than my left one. Is there anything that needs to be done or am I fine? Thank you for the help.

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    It's perfectly normal for one testicle to be higher than the other, although you should find that each is attached to a spermatic cord, "a group of structures which go through the inguinal canal to the testis. The structures include the vas deferens, arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels, and nerves." That's how blood gets to the testicle and how sperm are transported away from it.

    If something doesn't seem right to you, play it safe and ask your doctor.
    Scott, [email protected]
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