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    I am 17 years old as of January 23rd. For years ive noticed that my left testicle is larger then my right. Ive had physicals awhile ago at doctors check-ups, everything was okay because they didnt say anything. But over the years its gotten a bit bigger, close to double the size of the right currently without signs of getting bigger. I have no lumbs on either, and I dont really expierence any pain. I dont think its anything but still would like to know though, so any info would be appreicated. Thank You
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    Thats how my whole ordeal started. I noticed my left testicle seemed swollen at times and it would be sore. Other times I didn't even notice it. Because it wasn't painful all the time I didn't rush to the doctor. I wish I had because when I finally made myself go to the doctor I found out almost immeditately that it was in fact cancer. It had been hard as a rock for weeks probably months and I'm so mad at myself for letting it go that long. I knew something wasn't right, but I was too busy to care and get myself to the doctor. What a mistake. Had I gotten to the doctor sooner, I might of prevented the cancer from reaching my lymph nodes.

    Anyhow, maybe you just have a swollen testicle which is possible. I think its a good sign that you don't have any pain, but I would still get it checked out.
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