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  • Desperately Need some help

    [B]hey i am not a boy but I am a very worried 16 yr old girl.
    I have just found out that my male friend who is also my age has got testicular cancer. I am not supposed to know this so I am feeling slightly repressed wiht my feelings but I am petrified at the moment and really need some support about this. When I first heard about his worries from my friend I honestly did not believe it and just thought it was some sick joke. But now he has been offically told that it is cancer and he has to go for an operation to have one of his testciles removed. I just want to know will he have to have chemo or nethign as well ( its only mild i think) and I am completely in shock and I need to know as much as possible. Please Please Please help me understand.

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    Pippin, of course you're shocked and concerned. Rest assured that testicular cancer is almost always cured. The surgery to remove the testicle may be enough, or, depending on the specific type of cancer and whether it has spread, he may need more surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.
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