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    Hi I'm 17 and had this lump thingy on my lef nut since 3,4 yrs ago.
    But as I read all these threads posted and getting pretty sure that it's just epididymis.. I still have some questions.
    If mine is located at the lowest point to the back of t. and feels like some convoluted (jelly-like) tubes, is it epididymis?? (sorry I can't describe well)
    and this is the question I want to know the most:
    if epididymis is a right thing to have on our testicles, why is it only at my left testicle??
    or is it supposed to be at only ONE testicle?
    I really appreciate the work you guys do here. Thanks.

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    there are on both testicles,,,, if one is a bit swollen with an infection or cist then it may be more noticble
    remission from july 2003
    artrail fibulation x2
    stage2 teratoma mixed seminona
    HRT testogel ongoing uk testicular cancer