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  • Back pain

    When they say that lower back pain is a symptom of testicular cancer, what exactly do they mean? How far down the back? It is a general pain or a localized sort of stinging feeling. The past few days I have had a slight stinging sensation in a localized area in the middle of my back, about a hand's legnth from the bottom of my back. I feel it much more when I'm sitting down and seems to largely go away when I start walkign around but its still there a little bit. I'm really worried about what this could be.

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    back pain

    Hi Oxford,

    In my case a large tumor that appeared in a lymph node above the groin area caused me back pain. I remember an ache -- not a stinging sensation -- that grew in intensity over time. At first I thought that maybe I needed a chiropractor to re-align my back, but then made the connection to my testicular cancer (my rt. testicle had been removed 9 months before) and a CAT scan showed the tumor.

    Anything going on with either testicle?

    Have you spoken to a doctor? I would.

    Right side orchiectomy, March 2001, 4.5 cm tumor with probable vascular invasion. Chose surveillance.

    9.5 cm groinal lymph node tumor found in Dec. 2001

    Finished chemo (cisplatin/etopicide) in March 2002.

    Two healthy daughters born naturally after chemo, one in January 2004, another in November 2006.

    Continued remission to present