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painfull lump?

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  • Scott
    Welcome, Brandon!

    Testicular cancer would be a solid mass on or in the testicle itself, not in the skin of the scrotum. Check out this page for some possibilities, including this: "The scrotum has many large oil (sebaceous) glands. These may form cysts the size of marbles that feel like painless lumps. They may drain white, greasy material. Sebaceous cysts can become infected and painful."

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  • Brandon
    started a topic painfull lump?

    painfull lump?

    guys im 15 and i found a small lump on my right t but its not conecttect to my ball part just the sack i think its a vainy thing but i dont know but i dont feel like going to a doctor im scared i gess and i dont want my parents to know i tryed to pop it like a zit and thta just made it hirt so can u guys give me an idea of what this might be???