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15 and a bit worried

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  • 15 and a bit worried

    First of all, thanks for this great forum and allowing me to have a place to come to so I can discuss this with some people that have knowledge in the subject.

    Alright well I've been to the doctor before, around 6 months ago. I complained about the testicle pain and he examined it and said it was a virus or blood clogging in the epidymitis, and it should go away. I didn't feel the pain again for quite a while and it did go away.

    Now me being a teenager, it's normal for me to masturbate and get aroused. What confuses me is if the pain is "blue balls" or anything related to TC.

    I was operated when I was a child because a teenager kicked me by mistake, and my right testicle was swollen. Everything has been going fine though (I was operated when I was 4 or 5). I've taken a few kicks to the groin also while playing around here and there, but researching says not to worry unless the pain is consecutive or returns. I don't feel any lumps or anything, except the outer skin of the left one seems a bit hard, and different from the right one.

    I've felt some pain in my knees/legs but no back pain. I'm not sure if the bone pain is because I'm growing or if it's related to cancer, which could be if the doctor might have mistreated me. I don't feel pain in my testies at all, possibly once every 2 weeks or so or once a month, but I usually think it has to do with me masturbating and call it off.

    I'm going to go ahead and tell my parents that I want to get checked up again, maybe an ultrasound so I can be safe in thought once and for all but I want to get the input of the people here and hear if there are any similar cases.



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    Hi Chris,
    The best advice anyone could give is to tell you to visit a doctor and have it checked out. From the sound of what you described, I don't think you have to much to worry about as far as TC. But I am no doctor. Do get you parents involved though, they will help you to find the right doctors.

    I was 16 when I was diagnosed and I waited weeks before I told anyone that one of my testicles was swollen. Had I acted sooner the cancer may not have spread to my lymph nodes.

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      Hi Chris,
      As you can see from this site I cannot not stress enough that you need to get checked ASAP, my 17 year old son left it for months before he told me he had a lump, he said it kept coming and going and thought nothing of it. Getting checked out will put your mind at rest. Please tell your parents and do not be embarrassed like my son was, not all lumps and bumps are T/C but never the less need to be checked out for your own peace of mind.
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