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    i am only 14 and i am not sure what to do i am sort of freaked out so here goes, i have many kumps on my testicles when i come out of the shower or when i wake up at night i feel them and they have many lumps like 20 or so and they feel connected they feel like jello and are not hard and have no pain when i press them i have no pain in my abdomen and no pain in my testicles either. also at times when i can't feel lumps the skin around the testicle is just skin no lumps at all just sometimes. these lumps have been here for about a year now i got checked up last summer and the doc said there was nothing wrong but here i am a year later and they are still here. i am also able to move them around . what is wrong with me. i need to get piece of mind do i or don't i have cancer my testicles are also both about the same size no swelling.
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    Sounds to me like a perfectly normal epididydimis (loads of tube things that sit from the bottom to the top of ur testes. Some people get slight varicosing of these pipes, which isn't necessarily a bad thing (makes them harder to get tangled up).

    Also, the lumps you describe could be hair folicles that have yet to erupt.