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Worried, Testical cancer?

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  • Worried, Testical cancer?

    Similar to the previous post by g-cash14 'many lumps'
    I'm 14, I also have many lumps in only my left testical, usually after i shower. I don't feel pain or anything. I've had them for maybe a month, maybe more.
    The left testical drops lower than the right.
    Sometimes a slight pain. Bumps are quite soft.

    Please help, very worried :O

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    i HAVE the exact same thing! I am turnign 14 in november i am thinking it has to do with peuberty? the administrator answered my question this was my question Another very fearful 13 year old


    I am very scared i may have TC. On my left testicle the what i belive to be my epididymis is very lump and large it feels mcuh different than my right whch i barley feel, i have researched and have found a lumpy epididymis is fine and is common in the left testicle. Yet the epididymis feels so large it feels liek part of the testicle. I dont want to tell my parents about this unless i truly have to. Do i have TC or am i fine?

    this was his answer
    Today, 06:24 PM
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    It's much more likely to be something such as an infection than testicular cancer, but it does deserve a doctor's attention.

    but i somewhat doubt it is an inection because i have had it for a long time im just so relieved its not cancer