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17 years old

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  • Fed
    The transillumination test is not entirely accurate, and it would have to be performed by a physician in order to be somewhat reliable. The gold standard for the determining the origin of testicular masses is the ultrasound, and it provides a more fail-safe diagnosis. Your GP should be able to order one.

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  • Baseballguy26
    started a topic 17 years old

    17 years old

    Hi, I'm a 17 year old guy and about a year ago I discovered a mass on top of one of my testicles. I researched possibilities and I came across the trans illumination test: if light can shine through the mass, it is a cyst; while if the mass blocks the light, it's possibly TC.

    The mass does trans illuminate so i'm 99% sure it's just a cyst; called a spermatocele.

    I have a few questions:
    Do these ever go away? (not that it matters; id just like to know)
    Does it need to be surgically removed? I hear that they are harmless.