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  • 18 and wondering

    Hi i have been to the doctors office twice this week. The first time i went in i thought i had an STD due to irritation in my penis and a white discharge. I received oral sex about 3-4 weeks ago and figured i got something. i took a pee test and the doctor said everything was negative but that there was blood in my pee.(Wasnt visible) He wanted me in again in two days. Two days go by and i go back in. But over those two days i developed a sore throat. The morning i went back in my right testicle was having pain. My doctor had me take another pee test. But everything came back negative with no blood in my pee. He gave me antibiotics for my throat and testicle pain. He said the pain was from the tube that sperm travels through from the testicle. (thats what i remember) So i went home and fell asleep around 3pm. I got up at about 7pm and ate dinner and took my medicine. After that i attempted sleep but i had a huge headache, i felt real hot and was sweating, i had a pain in my lower back which was really uncomfortable, my throat kept me coughing and i also still had the pain in my testicle. I didnt fall asleep till around 3am. I woke up today about 2 hours ago. After masturbation there was blood in my semen. This is the first time i have ever seen blood in my semen. I still have pain in my right testicle and lower back. Luckily my headache is gone!

    My doctor is still sending my pee samples to labs to test whats going on. Does anyone have any kind of answers so i can relax a bit?

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    Hi superdude,
    Your doc sounds like he is on top of things for now by getting a culture done of your urine and prescribing the antibiotics. Your symptoms do sound like an infection. Post the results when you get them.Urinary tract infections can hit the kidleys and cause back pain and fever as well. If the results do not show an infection or a STD and the pain persists after you finish the antibiotics your doc should look further.
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      turns out i got Epididymitis. just one question. if i do any sexual activities (sex, masturbate) will that make the condition worse?


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        You're good to go, have fun.
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