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13 And feeling positive

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  • Karen
    Welcome Brendan! TC is relatively rare and if the smaller than a grain of rice lump hasn't grown in months then it most likely will be fine. HOWEVER, you do need a doc to check it out to be certain, and now that you 've told you dad (a difficult first step to take) please follow through with the appointment. will tell you how to do a monthly self exam, as well as explian what you should and should not feel. Please post back and let us know how it goes witht he doc! You showed great maturity in telling a parent and going to get it checked...good for you !

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  • BrendanC
    started a topic 13 And feeling positive

    13 And feeling positive

    Hey guys, im new here. A few months back, I found a little lump, smaller than a rice grain on my right testicle. And now, it's the same size. It hasn't grown, and I just told my dad, and we are going to schedule an appointment. I highly doubt that I have TC but I still want to make sure. Anyone else have a similar experiance?