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    ok i know i posted before but... im 17, and i found a bump on my testicle a couple months ago.. recently i felt around at it closer and i noticed its kinda on the end of that tubelike structure connected to my testicle, and if i lift on the tube, the bump lifts up a bit... the bump hasnt grown or anything and i havent noticed anythign different.

    i just want to know if this is something that could possibly be TC (cuz i heard stuff like this can be a cyst or somethin) or if its somethin i should just mention at my next checkup?

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    Hi - I wouldnt worry if you can move it along the testicle / move it around - it is most likely an epididymus cyst - especially in the location you describe. They are FAR more common than anything sinister. As always you should watch it / check yourself regularly and you may want to have a doctor look at just for piece of mind - I tell you once you get a doctor's all clear it can lift a lot of worry off your mind!
    Bill - Toronto, 32 yrs old, married; first son born April 13, 2005

    Right I/O May 5, 2005 for 4mm legion detected on ultrasound

    May 24 - Pathology showed benign, Leydig Cell tumor - not cancer!