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epididimis tail bigger than other?

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  • epididimis tail bigger than other?

    hey i felt a lump at the base of my left testicle, but when i felt the base of my right testicle, it'll have the same structure, but smaller. i looked up the picture and identified it to be the epididimis tail, is it normal to ahve one tail bigger than the other? also, on the testicle with the bigger tail, i noticed that sometimes there will be short pains, not very painful, but a brief spasmic pain that lasts about 5 seconds max, and it occurs randmly, can someone analyze my symptoms? thanks

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    not sure if this applies to this much but i had found a lump on one of my testicles but my doctor said it was just the epididmis. He told me that at times it can become bigger or just protrude more