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Question about lump?

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  • Question about lump?

    Hi, im 16 and have had a lump on the top of my testical for about 3 years. I worried about it at first but eventually just stopped caring. Recently I've read into testicular cancered and gotten all worried again. The lump is just connected to the epididymis at the top (very small gap between lump and testical itself) and connects again on the other side as well. The lump is about an inch in width and half an inch in height. If anyone knows if the epididymis can support cancer pls let me know, in addition, if anyone knows what this may be just drop me a reply. Thanks in advanced.

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    When in doubt, have it checked out!!
    stage I seminoma 7/11/05, I/O 7/15/05
    Finished radiation therapy 9/30/05, waiting for the 5year itch.....