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  • VERY worried

    i am 16
    and i have been worried about my testicles for quite a while now,
    as time has progressed my left testicle has gradually got more larger than the right witch seems to have stopped growing at all

    the left testicle is about 4.5cm long and 2.5 in diamiter, well i think its diamiter anyway. the thing is with this testicle is it is smooth and round with no lumps but being so large i RECENTLY have been getting a little discomphort.

    the right testicle is a lot smaller about 2.5cm long and 1cm in diamiter.
    this testicle also has no lumps on the testicle but around it there seems to be mainly at the back this floatong lump.

    being 16 this is hard for me to confront anybody.

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    Best to have this checked out. While it is not necessarily cancer -- I hesitate to say unlikely because I don't want to deter someone from a checkup, it sounds like your assymetry is similar to what I had.

    Perhaps you had an injury or torsion at one time? That could be causing one of the testicles to atrophy. While atrophy is not cancer, it is considered to be a risk factor in developing cancer in the future.

    I'd get it checked out for your peace of mind.
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