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could be lump/symptoms

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  • Luke777
    hehe the rope stuff i think is your epididymis and occasionally it will get inflammed on one testical and not the other due to things such as infection, trauma etc oh and prodding around at it too much lol.
    But id get the little lump checked out man no words any of us can say will truely cure your wonder. Only the words of a doctor can do that after checking it, im hestitating to say what i think it is because i know if i say its only a the tail of the epididymis which has become inflammed for what ever reason that u wont go to the doctors just to double check, its probebly nothing major but get it looked out for your peice of mind.

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  • guysm
    started a topic could be lump/symptoms

    could be lump/symptoms

    i was first tipped to check when my lymphnodes in my groin were swollen. I was at the dermatologist and mention the lymphnodes in my groin were swollen and he just gave me some antibiotics for my acne and her said it would help there too. since im in my teens (not sexually active with anyone), i was lookin for info on the net and decided to check. i found a could be lump on my left testicle at the bottom of the front. i'm not sure if it is a lump or just the rope stuff there. It seems like it could be a lump but it is not hard or well defined. it seems like the rope stuff is thick but it seems bigger than my other testicals' rope stuff at the bottom. while checking i think i was a little rough and the rope stuff started to hurt up into my body on the side with the could be lump. it could just be my anatomy. my lymphnodes went down and were not bothering me when i think i pulled the muscle in my groin area lifting things causing a dull pain that does become irritated when i move that area a lot. could it be something like cancer ? i could use some help.