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i need help!

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  • Don
    Hi bob
    Usually if the bump is not attached and you can move it then it is not related to TC. More than likely you just pulled a muscle or just aggravated something. Really I wouldn't worry to much. As for the bump it could be a small infection or a small cyst. I would say just keep an eye on it/ check yourself monthly and if it gets bigger or starts becoming painful in any way then go to the doctor. You'll be just fine!!!!!! DON

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  • bob100
    started a topic i need help!

    i need help!

    hi, i'm 18 and after a soccer game one day my left testicle swelled up and i got extremely scared but after about 5-10 minutes it went back to its original size. I checked for anything wierd and found a soft squishy moveable lump...what would you suggest it is, or suggest i do? I need someones help i dont know what to do or where to turn.