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    I am a Wabash College student working on a research project. As you can guess, I choose testicular cancer because of Lance Armstrong. Out of curiousity, about how long do men wait from the first sign of symptoms till they see their doctors? What are some of the premier treatment centers for the disease? How quickly does the cancer metastisize?

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    Hi, there,

    Good questions. Some men go at the first inkling of a bump or lump or other symptom, others (such as my significant other) waited almost a YEAR before going for the ultrasound (he had finally gone to the doctor several months before but did not follow up with the ultrasound, perhaps in part because the "c" word* wasn't mentioned (or so he tells me)). Waiting that long can be very dangerous because some types of testicular tumors are aggressive and can spread very quickly. We lucked out with a much slower-growing tumor--so far, no signs of spread. Some guys have metastasis by the time they notice their symptoms. Fortunately, even with advanced disease the cure rates are very good.

    Probably THE premiere TC center in the country is at Indiana University. Others that are very very prominent is Sloan-Kettering in New York and Oregon Health Sciences University.

    I would suggest you continue your research at the Testicular Cancer Resource Center (TCRC). It is probably the most comprehensive collection of Testicular Cancer information on the internet.

    Good luck with the paper!

    *er, the "c" word in this instance being "cancer", not the other "c" word I was referring to in another thread!