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  • how long?

    Ok, i know that everyone says TC is easy to cure if it is discovered early, but how early is early, and how quick does it take to spread or take affect or kill you if nothing is done. Im askin because i have recently heard about the dangers of TC and i have had a sort of irritation in my lover back and hip on one side for some time. after finding out about it i checked for lumps and i have found one but duno how long it has been there.
    It is probly quite obvious i dont hav a clue wat im on about i'd appreiciate help loads.


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    Any lump on the testicle MUST be checked out by a doctor. You have no idea how long the lump has been there, and there are lots of causes of back pain besides TC.

    Even if cancer has spread to the extent it is causing back pains, it is still usually curable. It depends upon what kind of TC it is, among other things. But the longer you wait, the more you are rolling the dice.

    Your first move is to go get it checked out by a doctor. If you have a choice, make an appointment with a urologist.

    Good luck, post back if you have any other questions.