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  • Don't play the waiting game!

    ( Everything below is purely fictional)

    Little Peter was a 15 year old boy who was rather shy and timid.
    At school he would hate wearing gym shorts, at the beach he'd be too embarrassed to take off his top, and when it came to socialising with girls, he couldn't even construct a proper sentence.

    On a cold winter morning whilst taking a shower, little Peter realised that something felt different in his genital region. After a few minutes of further examination, little Peter felt a small marble like textured lump on his left testicle, approximately the size of a rice grain. 'How odd' he said to himself, 'must be a part of puberty'. The voice of his mother was heard from outside the bathroom 'Peterrrrrrr, breakfast is ready'.

    Rudely interrupted in mid examination, little Peter jumped out of the shower, ate breakfast and was on his way to school.

    (Several Weeks Later)

    Little Peter rose out of bed dredding the day ahead of him, yes, it was another day of school.

    Running behind schedule, little Peter hopped into the bathroom for a quick shower before his school bus would arrive.
    Again, whilst cleaning 'private parts' he realised that lump he felt a few weeks ago was still there, only BIGGER! Little Peters heart stopped for a minute as he gently moved his index finger around the lump. In two weeks, the lump had grown from the size of a rice grain to the size of a peanut. Horribly worried about this, little Peter decided to 'act' sick so that he could take the day off school and think about his little problem.

    In his bedroom, lying on his bed with his face to the ceiling, little Peter was shocked about the rapid size growth of his little discovery. 'Should I tell my mother' he said to himself. 'What if she thinks i'm just being silly because I want time off school. What if she takes me to a doctor who'll make me pull my pants down infront of him, even worse HER'!

    So many 'What if's' were running through this troubled little boys head. 'What if it's a serious problem down there... like cancer!'. Peter snapped out of his hallucenation, 'pffttt, I'm too young to have cancer'.

    Yet again, Little peter brushed his problems aside and continued living his normal teenage life.

    10 months down the track, little Peter had adapted to his little discovery and didn't mind it, as it wasn't causing him much pain and the lump wasn't getting any bigger. He did although begin to have pains elsewhere, this time in his chest.

    At school he would constantly be out of breath in sports, after long physical activities he would cough and cough, at times, his flem would have speckles of blood in it.

    That folowing morning at 5am, little Peter rose out of bed and ran to the bathroom. He began throwing up. As he looked into the toilet, he saw the amount of blood that was sprayed all across the seat. Horrified, he woke his mother up, blood still hanging from his lower lip and covering his teeth.

    To her disbelief, seconds later her only son had passed out on the floor infront of her.
    Completely shocked and petrified, she snapped out of her panick attack and called an ambulance instantly.

    Little peter made it to the hospital, but died hours later. Doctors weren't able to revive him......

    An autopsy was carried out not long after this incident which showed how an easily cureable case of testicular cancer took the life of a 15 year old boy.....

    Now I'm not sure if moderators are going to keep this post up, hell, I think it should be pinned!
    I've just been reading too many stories about young teenagers on here who aren't brave enough to step up and to go see a doctor about their problems.

    If you look at it on a percentile, 90% of worried teenagers in this forum section end up having a cyst of some sort which is not in any way harmful or fatal. only 10% (if not less) unfortunately end up with testicular cancer.

    I guess this is a bit of a WAKE UP message to you young guys out there, I don't mean to worry you any more, but you could be dealing with cancer, and leaving it is only letting the cancer do what it does best, and that's to GROW!

    In time, it can make it's way to your lungs, brain and other internal organs, just like what happened with Little Peter..

    Guys please, do everyone a favour, and if you do notice something 'different' in that region, go see a doctor..
    Laughter is the best medicine.

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    Hi GC

    I think it takes a ficticious story to help people to see what is a realistic possibility, what you said about the percentage of teenagers that post here that turn out to have TC is possibly less than 5%, but to be honest its not just the younger ones who ignore the symptoms either. So just to reiterate, whatever your age, if it feels different see a doc really ots not rocket science.