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    A couple of months ago I went to the urologist concerning a lump I had found during a self check, that I learned I am supposed to complete every month. The doctor said I have a cyst on the right testicle, and its nothing really to worry about. I really have no idea what a normal testicle is supposed to look like or feel like....also, Im not really familar with the structure so its hard for me to decide whats right and whats suspicious. On the other testicle I can feel a tube above it, I know this is the epididymis, and Im not sure if you can get cancer on that or how large the epididymis is supposed to be, or the texture of it. I know there is definitely not a lump on the surface of the testicle, and Im not sure where TC can be located.

    Just wondering if you could give me a little info.

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    Tc generally starts on the actual testicle itself. At times, many people mistake a cyst or lump on the foreskin for an actual lump on the testicle.

    If the lump moves around with your scrotum, it's more than likely nothing to worry about. But if it remains still, you know it's on your testicle and then that's something you might want to look into.

    This site along with the Testicular cancer resource centre will give you all the informaton you need about lumps, bumps and symptoms.
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